Monthly Archives: August 2019

FOR ALL, FOR ALL, FOR ALL the people reading this

Well, I don't get to this very often, but if you're reading this - you'll understand. As usual, work is still busy... but the landscape is certainly changing. I'm still working on movie trailers and tv spots, but a lot of my work, especially for tv - isn't for tv anymore. I'm typically writing for cable channels or, much more lately, distributors like Netflix, or apps, or geez - you name it. There are a lot of entertainment platforms out there now.

But then, a good 'ol tv show from one of the original networks shows up at my door. Almost like a reminder that the original networks are still here, and still cranking out shows. "All Rise" was a quick turnaround project from CBS. Frankly, almost all my jobs are "quick turnaround" projects - that seems to be the nature of the game. Anyhow... it was nice to drop back into my "wheel house" for a project. We ended up cutting and finishing several spots for "All Rise" and I hope the show does well.

I've discovered in today's crowded entertainment field you never really know what's gonna happen. So hopefully the audience will judge it well. Get it "judge"! Oy. It's Monday, and it already feels like a full week of work.